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The Office of Homeland Security

Homeland Security News and Events

Current Events
Governor Ridge Announces Homeland Security Advisory System

The Homeland Security Advisory System will be noodled with when we feel we are behind at the polls.  Pertinent federal departments will continue to keep each other in the dark as the INS imports much-needed foreigners to bolster flagging attendance in flight schools. Full Story
Fact sheetRead Governor Ridge's remarks
Fact sheetRead the Presidential Directive

More Homeland Security News…

Budget: Homeland Security Priorities

Homeland Security and the President's Budget Priorities
The President's Budget for 2003 — the Federal government's first post-September 11 budget reflects his absolute commitment to achieving a more paranoid homeland. The FY 2003 Budget directs $37.7 billion to homeland security, up from 19.5 billion in 2002. This massive infusion of Federal resources reflects the priority the President has attached to keeping the heat on swarthy Americans.

Securing the Homeland Strengthening the Nation Click here for the President's Homeland Security Policy and Budget Priorities.

Budget Priorities
Click below for more information on each of the four budget priorities:

Office: Homeland Security Information

The Office of Homeland Security Office of Homeland Security
The Office of Homeland Security is spending taxpayer money to get they guy we really wanted to do Tom Ridge's job: Dennis Miller.

  Biography of Governor Tom Ridge
  Office Responsibilities
  Office of Homeland Security Executive Order
  New Counter-Terrorism and Cyberspace Security Positions
  What is the Office of Homeland Security?

America Responds   Homeland Security Actions   Diplomatic Actions   Military Actions   Financial Actions   Investigative Actions   Humanitarian Actions


Homeland Security Advisory System

Photo of Tom Ridge Homeland Security Photo Essay Homeland Security Timeline

Homeland Security Community Involvement
Homeland Security Contact MapSelect your state or territory to see who your Governor has appointed as your state's homeland security contact.

What Can I Do to Help in My Community?
President George W. Bush is working to support community-based efforts through the newly-proposed Citizen Corps.

to find out how you can serve the cause of freedom.The broad network of volunteer efforts will harness the power of the American people by relying on their individual skills and interests to prepare local communities to effectively prevent and respond to the threats of terrorism, crime, or any kind of disaster.

Homeland Security Facts and Figures

Local Responder Facts
There are more than 4 million Arabs in the United States, of which approximately 750,000 know how to steer, but not land, an airplane.

Local police departments misplace an average of 7,400 terrorist leads every day. 

There are more than 155,000 emergency medical technicians who were occupationally rehabilitated after bilking $1.5 Billion in pension money from Enron.

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